Manufacturing Facility Communicates Culture and Enhances Safety

by Jayme Nelson

Communicating with employees, engaging with them and keeping them safe is all in a day’s work when it comes to ensuring that your team is able to do the best job possible. Faurecia, an automotive parts manufacturer, wanted to communicate brand culture and enhance safety at their Troy, Ohio industrial site location.


FASTSIGNS® took Faurecia’s positive motivational concept and incorporated it throughout their facility with various signs and visual graphics. The manufacturing company wanted to utilize framed posters but, for safety purposes, glass is prohibited in the building. FASTSIGNS found Faurecia a special, no-glare acrylic to frame and show off the poster prints.


To illustrate how all of the different sections of the company rely on each other, Faurecia wanted to create a colorful, gear-like system. FASTSIGNS designed and assembled dimensional wall décor pieces in the shape of gears, and installed them on one of the main walls.


The company’s philosophy and brand values are featured on lightweight stand-up fixtures that are easy to assemble and move around to entrances, break rooms and conference rooms as needed. Custom floor graphics were also installed throughout the plant in an anti-skid laminate to help ensure the safety of employees walking over them.


The new signs and visual graphics at the Faurecia plant clearly communicate with employees and visitors about culture, enhance safety and encourage team work. Happy with the results, Faurecia decided to order five more gear wall installations for other site locations.

Even places that are often assumed to be more sterile and functional in look, including manufacturing plants, have the ability to incorporate vibrant, branded visuals to engage with employees and promote their organization’s culture.