Thinking “Inside the Box” Can Improve Efficiency in Wayfinding

by Leah Edwards

Finding one’s way is not always as easy as it seems. People need to be able to both find your establishment and navigate in and around it before they can do business with you, attend an event, seek employment or anything else they want to do in person. Accessibility and findability increase engagement with your audience and improve your opportunities for working together. Here’s how being creative with wayfinding in your space can actually improve efficiency and functionality.

Maximize Your Physical Space by Working with What You Have

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “think outside the box.” What if we shifted our thinking and used the box as our actual canvas? Often times, spaces are limited, so visual solutions experts must get creative and use already placed materials for wayfinding purposes. Idea1 knew they needed to have a construction leasing office, so they decided to combine efficiency and function with wayfinding and make the signage part of the landscape by making the building a giant sign.

Idea1’s branded leasing office

At Pierside Mall, the signage solutions team used a branded garage wall to direct traffic toward exits and staircases. By branding an existing wall, they gave it a dual purpose and used graphics to provide functional and efficient traffic guidance.

branded wayfinding graphics at Pierside Mall

Use Temporary Signage to Tease Permanent Sign Design

Directing traffic around confusing or soon-to-be coming establishments can make wayfinding a more simple and positive experience. At Texas A&M, Park West used temporary signage to direct visitors to their leasing office. The colors and theme in the temporary wayfinding sign are also used in the more permanent signs to extend the brand and to create interest. By also using a perimeter graphic, Park West was able to both promote the new space, educate the public about upcoming changes and also incorporate branding elements into the signage.

exterior leasing office signage

Incorporate Brand-Friendly Colors into a Space

Wayfinding doesn’t have to be boring. By using brand-specific colors, symbols and themes, a space can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Directional and informational signs can direct traffic flow as well as inform employees and visitors of locations. Wayfinding signage doesn’t have to be all about arrows; it can be fun and interesting.

collection of directional signage in bold colors

Creative uses of signs and graphics that help people get where they are going can be blended with decor to create a seamless experience that is functional, efficient and memorable. These are just a few of the custom signs and visual graphics that can help improve wayfinding. If you’re ready to become more efficient at helping others find their way, we’re more than ready to help.

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