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pvc signage

Expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as foam PVC, Trovicel® and Sintra®, helps you project a high-quality, professional image. Medium-weight and durable, expanded PVC can be installed and transported easily and is great for long-term indoor or short-term outdoor use. It is available in a variety of colors, and its matte finish reduces glare, hides fingerprints and can be cut easily into shapes, so you can create custom applications.

PVC Sign Applications

  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Menu boards
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Name plates and name tags
  • Tradeshow signage

PVC Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your PVC signs by:

  • Adding striping and/or borders
  • Using bent easels
  • Adding lettering colors
  • Using a logo
  • Incorporating a graphic symbol
  • Cutting into unusual shapes or designs


PVC signs may be displayed in several ways:

  • Self-supporting (bent easel)
  • Hanging
  • Applying suction cups
  • Using double-sided tape or Velcro®
  • Framing


  • Do not leave PVC signs inside your car. Expanded PVC tends to warp when exposed to heat or sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Install PVC in sheltered, low-humidity areas when possible. It may absorb moisture and mildew when left in exposed outdoor locations
  • Without proper handling, PVC can be scratched

How PVC Signs Can Help Your Business Succeed

PVC signs, also known as polyvinyl chloride signs, are an effective and affordable way to draw attention to your business. PVC signs from FASTSIGNS offer a variety of options for outdoor signage that can be customized with any message you’d like. These durable and weatherproof signs are perfect for any business looking to expand their visibility while staying within budget.

PVC signage is built to last in all kinds of weather conditions, making them ideal for businesses located in areas with extreme temperatures or harsh climates. The material is lightweight yet incredibly strong and resistant to fading over time so your sign will look great year after year.

Sign products and materials may vary by location. Contact your local FASTSIGNS® center for more information on product availability.

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