Wood Signs

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Wood signs offer a classic or rustic look for your business, organization, or home. They are extremely durable, versatile, and can be designed according to your unique project specifications.

This guide covers wood sign materials offered by FASTSIGNS, common applications, design ideas, popular sizes, and recommendations for installation and care.

Wood Sign Materials

There are a number of different materials available, including:

  • MDO (Medium Density Overlay) is dense plywood with a very thin paper film on either or both sides
  • Omega SignBoard® features a white vinyl surface over a hardwood plywood core

Common Wood Sign Applications

Wood Sign Design Ideas

FASTSIGNS can help to increase the effectiveness of your wood signs by:

  • Using contrasting paint colors to improve visibility
  • Employing carving to make dimensional lettering
  • Using borders to help readability
  • Use rounded corners, custom shapes, and dimensional lettering


Wood signs may be displayed in several ways.

  • Bolted directly to walls
  • Bolted to posts and then planted in the ground

Note: Professional installation is recommended. FASTSIGNS can help you install and mount your new wood sign to ensure it’s safely and properly secured.

Caring for your Sign

Ensure your wood sign is sealed properly to prevent warping.

Signs products and materials may vary by location. Contact your local FASTSIGNS or request a quote to get started on your custom wood sign project!

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