Boise, ID – The Sign Installation Process by Top-Rated Sign Company FASTSIGNS®

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Boise, ID

Commercial Sign Installation Services

Every business’s image is designed in a distinct, individual style that reflects its unique company identity. Signs are a large part of a businesses’ image and it’s essential your original and intricate signs be installed correctly to achieve their full potential.

At FASTSIGNS® of Boise, ID, our team has extensive experience installing all types of signs, including site signs, digital signs, large-scale banners, building directories, window displays, floor graphics, and pavement graphics. We'll work with you to determine the best placement for your signs and make sure they're installed correctly -- the first time.

Our Process Behind Safe Sign and Banner Installation

Some signs are easy to install, while others require careful planning and skill for a successful installation. Our sign installation process begins with a consultation to assess your needs and identify the best solutions for your business. We'll work with you to develop a plan that meets all your requirements, including the installation site's height, visibility, and weather conditions.

Our team will take all the necessary precautions during the sign installation process. We always follow industry best practices and local building codes to ensure your sign is installed where it needs to be.

1) Check the perimeter of the sign site for any potential hazards.

On construction sites or building sites with ongoing renovations, there may be potential hazards that could damage your sign or injure our sign installation team. Our team always checks the perimeter of the sign site for any risks before starting the installation process.

2) Prepare the sign for installation.

After checking the sign site, our team prepares the sign for installation. This includes ensuring the sign is the correct size and shape for the installation site and all the hardware is secure.

3) Establish a secure and stable foundation for the sign.

The next step in our sign installation process is to establish a secure and stable foundation for the sign. This is especially important for large signs or signs installed in high-traffic areas. Our team uses the appropriate sign mounts and brackets to ensure your sign is securely attached to the installation site.

4) Connect the sign to the power source.

Our team then connects the sign to the power source for electrical / electronic signs. We also test the sign to ensure it's working correctly before we complete the installation.

5) Use the appropriate tools to install the sign.

Next, we use the appropriate tools and equipment to install the sign. This includes ladders, scaffolding, power tools, and hand tools. We also use specialized sign installation equipment depending on the type of sign.

6) Test the sign to ensure it's working correctly.

At the completion of the installation, we employ redundancy to ensure the installation is accurate, safe, and functional. Our team tests the sign to ensure it works correctly. We also check again to make sure the sign is securely attached to the installation site.

7) Clean up the sign site.

Lastly, our team cleans up the sign site. This includes removing any debris or waste from the installation site.

At FASTSIGNS® of Boise, ID, we can help you with all your sign installation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our sign installation services.