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Author: FASTSIGNS® of Boise, ID

With many types of sign products available to choose from, it can be tough to distinguish their differences. This is especially true for wall signs and building signs. Though they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences which set these two types of signs apart.

Wall Signs vs. Building Signs

As the name implies, wall signs are typically hung or mounted on walls. They can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. Wall signs are often used to display the name and logo of businesses, as well as any pertinent contact information. They also advertise sales and special events at businesses.

Building signs are generally larger in size and affixed to the outside of a building. Like wall signs, they can be made from various materials but are often made from more durable materials like metal and plastic to withstand the elements. Building signs typically include the name and logo of businesses but may also include additional information like a business’s tagline and contact information.

Common Types of Wall Signs

Banners are made from fabric or vinyl. They are used indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile option for businesses. Banners can be hung from ceilings, affixed to walls, and strung across open spaces like a street or at a business convention.

Plaques are another common type of wall sign. They are typically made from a combination of metal and wood. Plaques are frequently used to commemorate special events and achievements.

Dimensional letters are three-dimensional signs made from metal, plastic, or wood. They are mounted to a wall with standoffs or flush to the wall. They are most often used to spell the name of a business. Dimensional letters installed with standoffs can be lit from behind to create a dramatic effect.

Common Types of Building Signs

Awnings signs are as simple as an awning with the addition of graphics and text. Awnings are often made from fabric which is ideal for printing directly to the fabric surface. Awnings can also be made from sturdier materials like vinyl allowing us to install different sign products without printing on the fabric. Vinyl awnings are customizable with the company’s name and contact information.

Monument signs are large and elegant signs designed to impress. They are typically made from stone, brick, or metal and can be freestanding or flush-mounted to the side of a building. Monument signs are often used to mark the entrance of businesses or to subdivisions.

Channel letters are individual three-dimensional letters with internal lighting elements. They are made from aluminum and acrylic. The lighting element is housed in the aluminum return of the letters. Acrylic faces are on either the front or the back of the letters, depending on the lighting style chosen. Channel letters are often used to spell the name of a business on the outside of a building.


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