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Author: FASTSIGNS® of Boise, ID

The most common types of lighted signs include dimensional letters, channel letters, lightbox signs, cabinet signs, digital signage, pylon signs, and monument signs. Below we explore how these signs help just about any business.

Types of Lighted SignsUnion Cafe Channel Letter

Dimensional letter signs feature individual 3D letters and shapes cut from a substrate (material) like acrylic, wood, and aluminum. While they do not contain any lighting elements, they look great when spot-lit externally with LED and/or flood lights. Dimensional letters are commonly used for business names and logos but also for store hours and as directional signs. They give businesses a high-end, polished look.

Channel letter signs are a version of dimensional letters with an LED light source inside. The signs are made from an aluminum return (the “channel” where the letters sit) and a face. The opacity of the face depends on the type of lighting desired. Front-lit letters have a translucent face, while back-lit letters have an opaque face. These allow light to shine through the front or the back, respectively. The most common channel letter use is for business names and logos, but they are also used for decor and as wayfinding signs.

Lightbox signs have a light source inside which shines through the sign's face. The face is made from translucent materials like acrylic and polycarbonate. The face is customizable and typically includes things like business names, logos, and store hours. They are also used for directional signs, menus, and product displays.

Cabinet signs are, as the name suggests, cabinets with glass doors that open to hold posters, menus, and any other item which can be attached to the corkboard interior. They are made from various materials like wood, aluminum, and steel. They typically have a lighting element installed inside the cabinet to light up the items posted to the corkboard. These are common in restaurants where menus are posted to the exterior of the building.

Digital signs use electronic displays to show graphics, animations, and videos. They are used for various purposes like advertising, wayfinding, and displaying information. Digital signs are becoming increasingly popular as they are very versatile and simple to update.

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding signs often used to mark the entrance of large businesses, like Best Buy and Walmart, as well as shopping centers. The signs are typically mounted to poles which are up high. They signs often feature several companies, or tenants, listed on interchangeable panels. They are lit internally or externally, with the latter being more common. In terms of construction, they are made from materials like aluminum, steel, and concrete.

Monument signs are like pylon signs but are typically seated directly on the ground without any poles to elevate them. They can have a lighting element installed inside or be lit externally. They have a wide range of uses, from marking the entrance of a business to displaying directional information. Monument signs are usually made from materials like stone and brick.

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