Meet OSHA requirements with compliant GHS labels

FASTSIGNS® provides Globally Harmonized System of Labeling and Classifying Chemicals (GHS) labels to meet OSHA requirements for identifying hazardous chemicals. Manufacturers must comply with OSHA regulations for labeling by June 1, 2015* to further improve safety and health protections for American workers and convey health, physical and environmental hazards.

FASTSIGNS delivers the right solutions to help you meet the OSHA requirements for GHS labeling for the safety and health of workers. From compliant product labels for packaging to container identification labels for transportation that ensure safe handling, we can help.
*Distributor may ship product labeled by manufacturer under the old system until December 15, 2015.GHS Labels

Sample GHS label

We provide labels that meet the new standards and communicate with precise details including new pictograms and label formats as required for all hazardous chemicals.



  • Product Identifier: Chemical name, product name or other unique identifier
  • Supplier Identification: Name, address and phone of chemical manufacturer, importer or other responsible party
  • Pictograms: Identifies the hazards of a chemical with a pictogram depicting a black symbol on white background within a red border
  • Signal Words: Indicates the level of severity of hazard and alert to potential hazard on the label with signal words “danger” (more severe) and “warning” (less severe)
  • Hazard Statement: Describes the nature and degree of hazard and assigns a hazard class and category

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