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The Challenge

NEW YORK, NY – Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street in New York wanted to showcase a specific product to drive traffic into the store, and Estée Lauder was the cosmetics product picked. What better way to accomplish this than by broadcasting in-store makeovers to the 4,000 passersby each hour and allowing them to interact with the makeup artist? Scala’s InfoChannel software provides the platform to make this happen. 

The Solution

First, they wanted to make it as interesting as possible to watch a makeover session. This presented as a challenge since makeup application is by no means a spectator sport. With the help of Scala software, the Estée Lauder makeover was just as fascinating to watch as a great sidewalk portrait artist at work.

Second, the designers wanted to create a photographic record of before, after and various stages of the session. These images could be used in several ways: they would be of interest to the potential clients outside of the window; they would certainly be interesting to the client being made up; and they could be printed or emailed as a permanent record and as a makeup guide for the client.

The makeup artist controls the system using simple commands on a 15” touch-screen monitor. This screen allows the artist to frame each picture, grab the still photos, send them to one of the four displays, or the artist can even show the entire session live on all four screens. The unit is designed to be operated by non-technically savvy people and requires next to no training.

Estee Lauder - 01
Estee Lauder - 02
Estee Lauder - 03

The Result

Besides being user-friendly and flexible, Scala also offers room to grow. We felt that Scala offered us as a platform beyond what we were asking to do, with Scala we were able to build in future versatility for this project so we can respond to whatever the client may want to do in the future.

The proof of Scala’s success is in the pudding, as they say. Sam Joseph, the window director at Macy’s in New York City, has been in on the design of this window from the start. “We wanted to do something innovative with our windows,” he said. “Now we have a very fresh and exciting installation in our 34th Street windows. I guess now you can say it was ‘Mission Accomplished.’”